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Simply Therapy

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Web Presence & SEO Implementation

Amalie Harris contacted us through a client referral in need of a web site that would promote her small but growing speech therapy business. Vitruvian Vector aimed to design a website that would be visually both playful and fun for children while maintaining quality and professionalism for parents. Simply Therapy expected growth in staff over time, with that in mind, we built a platform that would be  flexible and could facilitate expansion over time. Using SEO we helped to increase exposure to those searching for her services online, creating the ability for new lead generation and lead to close conversion.

Logo & Brand Enhancements

Simply Therapy needed a logo and a brand that would visually express the light hearted spirit of the company while maintaining a professinal and commercial level business appeal.  Vitruvian Vector answered with a logo that visually embodies just that.  We created a playful but professional mark that would be welcoming, appealing to all ages, and express the warm, casual and loving nature of their business and staff.

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