Central Continuing Care Assisted Living

Website Development   |    Photography

Website development mock up of Central Continuing Care

Web Development

Central Continuing Care Assisted Living facility needed a website on a platform that would provide auto-responsive, dynamic content across multiple devices alongside a strong visual presence to attract those looking for a loving and comforting place to call home. Vitruvian Vector provided a design solution that reinforced the professionalism and established business that Central Continuing Care exudes. 

WordPress provided the owner and staff to access the administrative sections of the site for easy updates as necessary, allowing them to have control over when changes need to be made. Creating a dynamic site that provides quality functionality across any device catered to the users, who commonly use mobile devices to search and gather information about facilities before making a personal visit.

Facility PhotoShoot

To accompany their new website, Central Continuing Care needed the facility photographed to highlight the facility amenities and compassionate staff. Vitruvian Vector came to the facility and professionally shot the various rooms, activities, staff and even a few of the happy residents. It was also important to capture the beauty of Mount Airy, NC, a gorgeous backdrop for guests to enjoy as they sit outside in the various sitting areas around the facility. 

We captured the beauty of the environment that surrounds Central Continuing Care by taking the shoot outside and finding the perfect lighting for a magical view. Using the gorgeous photos that were captured from the oni-site photo shoot, we implemented the imagery throughout the entire website, enhancing the dynamic visual appeal of the site simultaneously telling the story of Central Continuing Care and the high-quality service they provide to their residents.

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Healthy Vending

Graphic Design   |   Branding & Identity

Logo design for Healthy Vending by Vitruvian Vector Creative Design Solutions

Logo & Brand Identity Development

Healthy Vending was looking for a clean, modern, fresh image to present for their healthy vending machine venture. Their goal was providing schools, businesses, fitness locations, and more with their vending machines that offered healthier snack options. Our solution was a clean minimalistic typographical treatment while working in icons of a leaf and apple to represent natural health.

Marketing & Promotional Materials

To accompany their new brand and identity, a series of marketing materials that addressed various demographics within their sales structure were created for field representatives that met with prospective clients. Their vibrant nature, clean white space and modern approach visually differentiated and beautifully represented the specific demographic target for the campaign.

Business Cards & Brand Identity

To accompany the dynamic flyers, a set of business cards to again reinforce brand identity and recognition within the industry and potential clients. Creating a clean and straightforward business card design allowed sales representatives to leave behind their contact information alongside the sales sheets from the marketing print campaign.

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Mad Scientist

Logo Design |  Branding & Identity Development

Logo & Brand Identity Development

A small business entrepreneur and engineer approached us with a need for a logo design that could be used for future branding purposes.  Meeded for manufacturing and resell purposes as well as potential needs for marketing and promotional materials, Vitruvian Vector created a modern mark, perfect for scalability, through its simplistic but straight forward nature.

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United Tae Kwon Do Academy

Graphic Design  |   Brand & Identity  |  Web Development

Logo Design & Brand Identity

When United Tae Kwon Do approached us with the need for a new brand identity and logo treatment, we were thrilled to take on the challenge. We created a mark that was visually dynamic and quickly communicates the type of business and the services provide for quick and effective recognition.

We created a brand identity that was pushed through a wide variety of promotional, sales and marketing materials, including the outside facade of the building. The new mark is bold, strong, dynamic and visually reinforces a professional and well established and flourishing business.

Marketing & Promotional Materials

The constant need for promoting a wide variety of services and events happening at the school, United Tae Kwon Do Academy required various marketing materials to be created. We have helped to create brochures, rack cards, TV graphics, banners, door posters, decals, ground inserts, flyers, oversize posters and more! The consistent use of the brand identity throughout the entirety of the materials alongside branded visual styles for annual events and programs within the school help to educate and excite his target demographic, resulting in more closed sales and increased revenue.

Web Design & Development, SEO, Social Media impelementation

United Tae Kwon Do Academy was in need of a web solution that would be easily accessible across all platforms, internet browsers and devices. Vitruvian Vector enhanced SEO results by ensuring standard web requirements were met for major web crawling services like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to ensure his business gets found in search results, increasing theri lead generation. The custom website solution incorporates and reinforces his brand and promotes the wide variety of services offered at the school.

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Forever is Tomorrow Productions

Graphic Design

Forever is Tomorrow Productions Logo

Logo & Brand Identity Development

Forever is Tomorrow Productions is a small but creative and energetic Video Production agency. The demand for a mark that would emphasize their level of experience, creativity and energy was imperative and Vitruvian Vector delivered. 

The mark represents a modern appeal and visual aesthetic with an icon that represents the company’s main ideal and focus. The concept of infinite time and the lack thereof in this existence was a key foundational principal of the owner and his reason for following his passion in cinematic production and film.

Marketing & Promotional Materials

To accompany their new brand and identity, Forever is Tomorrow received the complete branding package with a fresh, custom business card that could be handed out to prospects during client meetings. 

Business cards help to reinforce your business is established & credible while providing a memorable branding element with potential clientele that will influence them to save and use your contact information now and in the future.

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Q-Baby Photography Session

| Photography |

On-Location Custom Photography Session

Q-Baby an up-and-coming Conquer Entertainment musician approached Vitruvian Vector in need of a custom and creative photography session here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Vitruvian Vector brought the creativity and took her out exploring Downtown Winston to find an awesome location that visually represented the urban grunge aesthetic she was looking for. Her music and personality are extremely edgy, charismatic and eccentric and our photography session captured her essence in every way! A happy client, she has used her images for album art and promotional materials.

Professional Photoshop Post-Editing

Not only will Vitruvian Vector provide you with an exciting on-location photographic adventure, we will polish your images for beautiful professional results. Using Photoshop we can visually clean and digitally enhance your photographs. We have multiple add-on packages that affordably provide you with a variety of options! We can provide glamour shot portrait results by helping to remove all blemishes or imperfections for a flawless look or less dramatic options by implementing minor photographic enhancements that will bring out the magic and beauty of every shot while maintaining a realistic final result! Contact us today for a free Photography Session consultation!

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Tammy Montgomery

Musician / Singer / Songwriter

Graphic Design | Photography

Graphic Design Services

Tammy Montgomery is an extremely talented folk singer who loves the country blues. She came to Vitruvian Vector wanting a CD album design created for her new to release CD. We blew her away with the final design piece. Vitruvian Vector even assisted her in finding a vendor to produce her CD and album artwork complete with burning her songs to the disc for her! The result? Another happy client with a visually beautiful product that represents her music and style!

Custom Photography Shoot 

In order to support Tammy’s need for a CD album cover and CD design, we scheduled a custom, on-location photography shoot where we captured Tammy in her true folk art style. Vitruvian Vector’s photography services gave her everything she needed to have a beautiful CD album design. 

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Sorenson Solutions

Web Design | Branding | Graphic Design

Logo & Brand Enhancements

Sorenson Solutions already had a logo with a great iconic mark for their visual brand representation, however they were interested in taking it to another level with a corporate clean dynamic appeal.

By introducing a typographic system that enhanced their visual representation, the improved mark created a stronger brand identity that could be implemented across all business materials and marketing collateral for visual consistency and memorability.

Marketing & Sales Collateral

Sorenson Solutions needed marketing and sales collateral with a new high-end, visual design applied. Vitruvian Vector utilized their new brand initiative to create bold and memorable sales materials that will help their sales team close every deal and stand out above the competition.

Not only will their materials educate their prospects about the services and products they offer when they are away from the sales person, but will also leave them with a lasting, professional representation of their company brand.

Custom Icon Creation and Illustration

Sorenson needed to illustrate a concept to their prospects so they would better understand how their service operates. Vitruvian Vector designed custom graphic icons that would match their brand identity and provide clean, yet fun, visual representation of their overall concept and process.

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Rainbow Catering

Web Design | Branding & Graphic Design | Print | Social Media

Web Presence & SEO Implementation

Rainbow Catering, located here in Pfafftown, North Carolina, needed a web presence that would attract new leads as well as list all of their services and menus online for prospects to review. Vitruvian Vector created a responsive web solution that would provide optimum visual results on any device. This was a key function as they used this as a tool when meeting with clients to review their menu options off-site. Implementing SEO and other analytics we helped to increase online visibility in search engines facilitating new lead generation and lead conversion.

Auto-Responsive & Multi-Platform Design

Providing them with the modern necessity of multi-platform responsiveness, Rainbow Catering’s website is beautifully displayed across multiple digital devices (Desktop, Laptop, Cell Phone and Tablet). Auto-Responsive design ensures that all elements naturally auto-format to display perfectly across each device. With various browser options available in today’s digital age, Vitruvian Vector ensured that the Rainbow Catering site functioned perfectly regardless of the browser used to display the website.

Branding & Business Cards

Along with their updated and fresh identity, Jim Burton requested a simple business card that would provide a handout piece to leave behind with clients, reinforcing his brand image and optimizing memorability.

Print & Sales Collateral

Rainbow Catering needed a printed piece that would serve as reference to the services they provide. Vitruvian Vector developed a trifold, double sided brochure that reinforced their brand image and brand memorability.

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Simply Therapy
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