Sorenson Solutions

Sorenson Solutions

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Logo & Brand Enhancements

Sorenson Solutions already had a logo with a great iconic mark for their visual brand representation, however they were interested in taking it to another level with a corporate clean dynamic appeal.

By introducing a typographic system that enhanced their visual representation, the improved mark created a stronger brand identity that could be implemented across all business materials and marketing collateral for visual consistency and memorability.

Marketing & Sales Collateral

Sorenson Solutions needed marketing and sales collateral with a new high-end, visual design applied. Vitruvian Vector utilized their new brand initiative to create bold and memorable sales materials that will help their sales team close every deal and stand out above the competition.

Not only will their materials educate their prospects about the services and products they offer when they are away from the sales person, but will also leave them with a lasting, professional representation of their company brand.

Custom Icon Creation and Illustration

Sorenson needed to illustrate a concept to their prospects so they would better understand how their service operates. Vitruvian Vector designed custom graphic icons that would match their brand identity and provide clean, yet fun, visual representation of their overall concept and process.

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