Pediatric Speech and Language Services

Pediatric Speech & Language Services

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Web Presence & SEO Implementation

Pediatric Speech and Language Services in Greensboro, North Carolina is a small but professional group of talented speech therapist who wanted to increase lead generation through an online presence. We took them through the discovery process and created a solution that would provide an online location to introduce their team of licensed and credited individuals, share services they provide and provide an ability for visitors to contact for more information. Implementing SEO and other analytics we helped increase their google ratings and visibility in search engines facilitating lead generation and conversion for their business.

Logo & Brand Enhancements

When PSLS approached us, they were in need of a new logo and brand implementation, and that’s just what Vitruvian Vector gave them. We created a welcoming and approachable image that would be appealing to all ages, genres and demographics while maintaining a professional and commercial image.

Print & Sales Collateral

PSLS approached us with a need for printed sales collateral so they could provide prospects with literature about the various services they provide, features and benefits and contact information. We developed a beautiful set of three brochures with a visual design that incorporates their brand image and allows for easy expansion if future services were implemented.

Promotional Materials

“Do you do banners?” they asked. “Absolutely” was our response. We have excellent vendors for high-quality print materials from small to large. This custom vinyl banner was just what they needed to apply brand presence and visibility in their booth while promoting their services at events.

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